Organizational Overview

Organization Created for Children

JJ’s Playhouse was created out of a passion for the health, well-being, growth and development of children. Concerned about the quality and availability of opportunities for children near their home, the founders conceived JJ’s Playhouse in 2005 with two goals in mind:

  • To alleviate the lack of educational yet fun facilities for children
  • To tackle the growing issue of childhood obesity

What started as an idea grew into creating JJ’s Playhouse as both a children’s museum and gym. The mission of JJ’s Playhouse is to positively stimulate a child’s mind, body, and spirit through interactive learning exhibits and educational programs that are fun, healthy, safe, and inspirational. With cuts in school budgets that most often impact the arts, languages, and physical education, JJ’s Playhouse serves as a resource for parents offering learning and extra-curricular opportunities for children, early exposure to concepts, and an outlet for children to enjoy a structured fitness routine all in a positive, affirming, Christian environment.

JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum and Gym is a 501 (c)(3), tax exempt organization and is affiliated with the Association of Children’s Museums. Coming soon to West Metropolitan Atlanta, JJ’s Playhouse is a place where learning is fun and discovery is encouraged.

The JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum

The JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum is an interactive space that caters to children ranging in age from infants to 12 years old. With an emphasis on play, discovery, learning, and exploration, the museum is a place where everything is developed expressly with the children in mind!

The Children’s Museum features nine permanent exhibits. Each exhibit not only entertains but also teaches children by exposing them to concepts, skills, and information. All of the exhibits offer age-appropriate activities designed to support the learning that is taking place in the home and partner with the curriculum that is used in the schools. The nine permanent exhibits include:

    • Cooking
    • Faith Gallery
    • The Arts
    • Market
    • Banking
    • Aviation
    • Outer Space
    • Early Learner

The JJ’s Playhouse Gym

The JJ’s Playhouse gym is totally kid inspired and totally kid powered! The gym offers exercise stations intended for kids between the ages of 5 to 12. Bright colors and soft foam equipment make the gym both attractive and safe for young people. At the gym, fitness experts introduce children to proper exercise techniques and develop life-long fitness habits. The gym features:

      • Treadmills with easy-to-grip, foam-covered safety bars
      • Miniature exercise cycles carefully proportioned for young people
      • Electronic odometers measuring speed, distance, and time, allowing kids to track their progress
      • Electronic games for mental stimulation

    At our gym, the kids are in control of their own pace; thereby, providing a safer fitness environment.


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