About Us

The Mission

The mission of JJ’s Playhouse is to positively stimulate a child’s mind, body, and spirit through interactive learning exhibits and educational programs that are fun, healthy, safe, and inspirational.

Core Values

JJ’s Playhouse provides a holistic, active learning environment for children that Matures the Mind, Builds the Body, and Sustains the Spirit.

Maturing the Mind

Children are both educated and entertained by age appropriate, interactive exhibits. Geared towards children age 2 to 7, the ten permanent exhibits include concepts ranging from Kitchen & Dining to Outer Space! Plus, JJ’s Playhouse puts international themes in the palms of the children’s hands through traveling exhibits from other children’s museum and facilities from around the globe.

Building the Body

JJ’s Playhouse helps to keep youngsters going through the gym that is totally kid powered! At the gym, noted fitness professionals trained in developing young bodies introduce children to proper exercise techniques and help them develop life-long fitness habits. Understanding the unique physical needs of children, the JJ’s Playhouse gym incorporates equipment specialized for youths age 8 to 12. The gym features:

  • Treadmills with easy-to-grip, foam-covered safety bars
  • Miniature exercise cycles carefully proportioned for young people
  • Electronic odometers measuring speed, distance, and time, allowing kids to track their progress
  • Electronic games for mental stimulation

Sustaining the Spirit

JJ’s Playhouse is committed to promoting an atmosphere that is safe for all aspects of childhood development. Our guests, young and old, will be met with an environment that is creative, supportive, and friendly.

Though JJ’s Playhouse is open to everyone regardless of race, creed, or religion, young visitors to The Playhouse will also have an opportunity to experience the Christian faith in a new way. Interactive Nativity Scene and Easter Story exhibits teach children about Jesus Christ all year round.

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