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This letter is in support of Mrs. Yunice Patrick regarding JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum and Gym.  Mrs. Patrick recently shared her vision with me for this unique opportunity in our area to help strengthen our families and community.  As Superintendent of Douglas County Schools, it is exciting to think that we could have a facility in our community that would be an extension of the classroom and further expose children to a rich environment that cultivates creative thinking.  A children’s museum would encourage parents to engage in fun educational activities with their children.

The vision of the Douglas County School System is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals, independent thinkers and productive citizens.  I believe that a children’s museum would help to instill this vision in young minds.

I am happy to provide my support of this Mrs. Patrick’s project and look forward to its progress and the many benefits it would provide to the community.


Dr. Gordon Pritz