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faqWhat is a children's museum?

Children's museums are facilities focused on serving the needs and interests of children primarily by offering exhibits and programs that promote discovery and learning.  In addition to the educational exhibits, many children’s museums also serve the community by providing outreach programs including summer camps and after-school programs.

Why visit a children’s museum?

Children’s museums are unique places that bring children, families and communities together.  Offering lifelong learning opportunities for audiences ranging from newborns to grandparents, children’s museums are vital cultural institutions. Children’s museums:

  • Celebrate play and creativity.
  • Provide activities that nurture family relationships.
  • Build creative communities that improve the quality of life.
  • Establish common ground in communities.
  • Collaborate with educational and social service organizations.

What is JJ’s Playhouse?

JJ’s Playhouse is a children’s museum and gym that is not only committed to increasing educational opportunities for young people through its museum exhibits and programs, but also is dedicated to improving the physical wellbeing of today’s youth by promoting the importance of exercise and nutrition through its gym.

Why was JJ’s Playhouse developed?

JJ’s Playhouse was created to fill a void in the community for more activities focused on the development of children and their unique needs especially related to education and fitness.

What is the mission of JJ’s Playhouse?

Our mission is to positively stimulate a child's mind, body, and spirit through interactive learning exhibits and educational programs that are fun, healthy, safe, and inspirational.

Who can come to JJ’s Playhouse?

JJ’s Playhouse offers programming for children from six months to 12 years old.  JJ’s Playhouse is a safe space for everyone where children bring adults and adults bring the children.

  • The Children’s Museum: The JJ’s Playhouse children's museum is an interactive space that caters to "little ones" ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old.  With an emphasis on play, discovery, learning, and exploration, the museum is a place where everything is just for children!
  • The Gym:  The JJ’s Playhouse gym offers exercise stations designed just for kids between the ages of 8 to 12. The totally kid powered equipment gives kids control of their pace and provides a safe fitness environment. 

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