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The Children’s Museum features nine permanent exhibits. Each exhibit not only entertains but also teaches children by exposing them to concepts, skills, and information. All of the exhibits offer age-appropriate activities designed to support the learning that is taking place in the home and partner with the curriculum that is used in the schools.

Targeted towards children ranging in age from 2 to 10 years old, the focus is on play, discovery, learning, and exploration.

Explore the Exhibits

The Playhouse Museum features nine permanent exhibits.  Those exhibits are:

  • Cooking – In our kitchen children can stick their hands in the cookie jar, oven, or anywhere else they want to explore.  In addition, there is an assortment of play pots, pans, plates and food to make exploration and play fun!
  • Market – Mini grocery carts, food, and cash registers allow the children to have their own shopping experience. 
  • The Outer Space exhibit brings galaxies far, far away right within the grasp of the children.  This exhibit allows kids to see and learn about space travel, the stars, the moon, and planets.
  • In the Medical exhibit, kids can become a medical professional with their own stethoscope, charts, prevention guide, and skeletal figure for an exciting health adventure.
  • Banking– Prepare the little entrepreneur for banking and investing by learning the cycle of money.
  • A Faith Gallery will encourage and strengthen faith principles and about the birth of Jesus year round.  Everyone can have a turn as they play and explore.  This exhibit will feature a climber for exploration and fun.
  • Early Learner is a safe area with soft foam club and tree house for climbing, toys for tossing, rocking features, and balancing walks especially designed for infants and pre-toddlers.
  • The Arts is an exhibit area where kids can explore their painting, musical, and artistic skills.  Tons of water colors, various musical instruments, and theatrical stage are sure to keep this corner filled with excitement.
  • The Aviation Exhibit brings the excitement of American aviation for children to experience.


In addition to the permanent exhibits, JJ’s Playhouse brings international themes right to the children through traveling exhibits from other children's museum and facilities from around the globe. 

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