Museum Goals & Strategies

goalsThe Need

JJ’s Playhouse provides an invaluable service to the community.  Not only does it provide a source of entertainment, but it also offers a valuable tool to the educational system. The educational exhibits, programming, and activities support in-home teaching, and augment the classroom education with hands-on learning and skill development.  According to the American Association of Museums, “Museums collectively spend more than $1 billion annually on K–12 educational programming and contribute more than 18 million instructional hours for education programs including teacher professional development, guided field trips and traveling exhibits1.” As a result of budget cuts in schools, museums are a valuable community resource – directly and indirectly providing after school programs for students.

The Goals

  • To provide exposure and additional learning opportunities to children through interactive play.
  • To bring volunteer opportunities to local college students, senior citizens and retirees, and members of the community that express an interest in children.
  • Introduce new and exciting traveling exhibits from around the world to the children of South Fulton and surrounding communities
  • To provide "at home moms" and parents with an additional outlet for children that is not only fun but also educational.
  • To provide local day care centers and local schools another form of interactive education for children.

The Strategy

  • Capturing the attention of the parent and child by creating an inviting atmosphere that is appealing, fun and exciting.  Proper facility and exhibit design are key success factors.  Developing an environment that is comfortable, and fun for the family, increases the likelihood of repeat visit by patrons.
  • Capture the "heart" of the patron by creating exhibits that ultimately encourages and inspires children to learn.  By purposely designing permanent exhibits that meet this criterion, JJ's Playhouse will capture the hearts of visiting patrons and the community. 
  • Leveraging from other resources and associations in the industry.  The Association of Children's Museum is an excellent resource available to help promote and improve services offered to children.  Engaging and/or partnering with such resources will keep representatives informed of industry trends, new products and services, and new traveling exhibits.
  • Ensuring that services positively impact the lives of patrons and the community.  By implementing efficient evaluation practices and techniques, coordinators will have the right tools to assess the effectiveness of exhibits and processes. 

“When School is Out Museums, Parks, and Libraries are In,” Out of School Time Policy Commentary #9, The Forum for Youth Investment, January 2005.

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