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1,000 Families Campaign

1000familiesWe are in the midst of our capital campaign and we are seeking 1,000 families to partner with us in getting the word out about JJs Playhouse Children’s Museum & Gym. 

How do I participate?

Donate a gift of $5 or any multiple thereof to JJs Playhouse Children’s Museum & Gym.  The gifts will go towards our upcoming programming events. Next, you encourage your family and friends to donate $5 and advocate for JJs on your social media platforms and emails by sharing our programming events and fundraising activities.

All donations are tax deductible!  So to donate your $5 today, Click here!

OR If you would like to learn about making a recurring $5 donation, visit http://www.jjsplayhouse.org/get-involved.html .

In partnering with us, you help bring the plans for a new children’s museum to life. 

Thanks to the following families who have answered the call to become a JJs Ambassador:

  • Shannon D. McCoy
  • Sonya Pierce
  • Tearon and Juan Pickett
  • Yergan and Cheryl Jones
  • Bobby and Frances Jones
  • Heather and Wes Brothers
  • Eric and Terri Batch
  • Joy Graham
  • Joyce Thompkins (Frequent Five Club)
  • Vincent Durant (Frequent Five Club)
  • Carolyn and Alvin Longmore
  • Earl and Tonya Young
  • Diana L. Garren (Frequent Five Club)
  • April Anderson
  • Willie and Linda Thomas
  • Zachary and Rae Carter

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